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Make up to $300/day working as MOVIE EXTRA

Prominent Production Company is looking to fill temp movie extra openings on all levels for several upcoming 2012 projects. People from all walks of life, any ethnicity. Males & Females from 21 to 50. If you have a friendly and outgoing personality - we want to hear from you.

The people who are needed to participate in current roles are known as background actors, background performers or most commonly MOVIE EXTRAS. As a movie extra, you will work in crowds at television and reality shows, sporting events, and episodic series programming.

EXPERIENCE No experience is required for this exciting opportunity.

* Meet Celebrities
* Work Flexible Hours
* Up to $300/day and more
* Opportunity to Learn More About Acting or Modeling

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How to Become a Movie Extra

Whether you are an aspiring actor, or just want to be seen in your favourite movies or television shows and series, being a movie extra is the perfect start to get familiar with showbiz, and on top of that you often make some extra cash. So, what does it take and how do you become a movie extra?

The biggest thing you'll need to bring to the table, whether you're a would-be Hollywood superstar or not, is patience. A good a movie extra might be required to do the same thing repeatedly, and there can be long periods in between takes, when there is nothing to do but wait. If being an extra still sounds like your kind of fun, read on to learn how to break into the world of background acting.

Finding a job as a a movie extra is like trying to find any other type of job: it takes a little time and persistence. The first thing you need is to know where to look. Here are few resources that list jobs for movie extras:

  • Online movie extras directories
  • Casting agencies
  • Walk-in on-the-spot castings, usually for bigger productions
  • Classifieds in niche media and newspapers

The fastest and easiest way is to register with a credible movie extras directory. There are lots of scams out there "promising" to make you a "star" in general, make sure the directory you join is focused on movie extras.

A casting agency is a firm that specializes in supplying directors with actors for movies, television and other similar jobs. Many casting agencies also have their own limited movie extras directory, but to increase their chances of finding the right person, they still turn to the best movie extras directories for most of their movie extras casting needs, both to place ads and casting calls and to search for movie extras directly. So does studios and production companies.

So, to become a movie extra, register with an online movie extras directory. Complete your profile detailing your features, background, personality, experiences, and supply a couple of images in different natural poses. Then production companies and casting agencies can find you, without you having to do anything further. And if you want to increase your chances, also monitor the ads and casting calls that the same site should be announcing, then apply for the ones that you find interesting and would suit you.

Remember, you don't have to be a star or trained actor, the right (often imperfect) look and attitude will do. And if you are really serious about getting into acting, taking some acting classes, got to say your first very own phrase in a production, then you can start to complement your movie extras jobs with actor auditions. And who knows, maybe one day you'll join the list of former movie extras that became movie stars.

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